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Cannabis business consulting to transform your idea into a licensed operation

BeGreenLegal’s team of consultants, marketers, state law analysts, GIS planners, manufacturing & testing experts, and real estate agents can help you grow every phase of your cannabis business.

For new businesses

We help you find the best opportunities in the cannabis space, get licensed, find a property, and become fully operational

For operational businesses

We help operational businesses scale and maintain compliance with the BCC and other governing agencies

For consultants & professionals

We provide strategy, direction and implementation services for consultants and other professionals serving the cannabis industry

We’ll lead your business through the unforgiving gauntlet to get operational

The cannabis industry is full of opportunity but not without its challenges. With an average of four government approvals, constantly changing regulations, and steep upfront financial requirements, there are plenty of pitfalls to avoid. BeGreenLegal’s team of expert planners, cannabis consultants, real estate agents, biologists, and project managers help businesses get off the ground and profitable.

Lean on our experience to protect you from expensive setbacks & rejections

Get to know the expert cannabis consulting team with a proven track record of getting the job done right the first time.

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Who We Support

cannabis consulting for investors

Achieve maximum ROI for your new cannabis investment

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Launch a successful cannabis operation

cannabis consulting for real estate agents

Get support buying and selling properties for cannabis use

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Founder of Cookies Modesto, winner of merit-based permit process-

Cookies Modesto simply doesn’t exist right now without the team from BeGreenLegal. Their talents were vital to us winning one of the city’s permits and then their strategic vision helped us join forces with the leading brand in the industry. The BGL team simply does it all.

Explore opportunities based on your desired activity type

BeGreenLegal provides cannabis consulting for all the major categories in the industry. We help clients identify their optimal opportunity based on goals, background, location, and resources.

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cannabis consulting for cultivators


  • Indoor
  • Outdoor Mixed-light Craft
cannabis consulting distribution


  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
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  • Retail
  • Retail Delivery
cannabis consulting for investors


  • Valuation
  • Due Diligence
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Cannabis Testing

  • Technology
  • Standards Equipment
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  • Extraction
  • Infusion Packaging
cannabis consulting distribution

Real Estate Owner

  • Valuation
  • Due Diligence
cannabis consulting vertical integration

Learn how vertical integration can increase profitability and market share

Download our eBook today, “How You Can Use Vertical Integration to Build Your Cannabis Company & Brand”

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california cannabis consulting

Discover the best California cities that allow cultivation

Explore where you can operate retail, manufacturing, cultivation, and other marijuana businesses in California

california cannabis consulting

As cities and counties are permitted to limit or even prohibit cannabis businesses (by type, location, and number) your window to apply and be approved can open and shut very quickly. Our real-time map gives you an idea of what’s possible and our expert team can fill in the details for you when you’re ready.

Let’s chat. You’ll know if we’re a fit after just one call.

Want to fast track your industry education and get your specific cannabis questions answered? Speak with one of our senior consultants and get headed in the right direction from the start.

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Book a one-on-one
education and strategy session

  • Application & licensing process
  • Available license types & business model
  • Financing expectation
  • Funding options

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