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How to Get a California Cannabis Manufacturing License

As the new era of legal cannabis progresses, our firm continues to provide unparalleled business strategy and license consultation services to clients pursuing a California cannabis manufacturing license. For prospective clients, our cannabis consultants have provided the following brief overview to help you understand the process of setting up your own manufacturing operation legally. Our […]

Cannabis Consultant

9 Things to Consider When Hiring A Cannabis Consultant

As a cannabis consultant, BeGreenLegal receives many inquiries from all sorts of people looking to make their vision of operating a legally compliant cannabis business a reality. While some are just starting out and we are their first call, others tell us of their experiences with other consultants, some of whom have helped significantly with […]

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Where Can I Get a Cultivation License in California in 2018?

Cannabis is now legal, but finding a good place to obtain a cultivation license in California is still a challenge for many entrepreneurs and cannabis investors. While there are many suitable properties, the bottleneck begins and ends with the local city or county government. While the state government is issuing licenses, California is divided into […]