SOPs &

The key to getting &
keeping your license


Standard Operating Procedures are Your Keys to replace with success

To win your local permit and obtain a state license, you need to demonstrate how your business will operate with professionally developed, custom Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Local governments and state agencies examine cannabis businesses more closely than almost any other type of business and need to be convinced that you are responsible and will operate in compliance with their regulations. Our team starts with our own proprietary templates and customize to fit your specific operations. We can then assist your business in implementing them through strong, time-efficient, and streamlined processes that ensure your success.


Your License Depends on the Details

The state wants to see your operation run through a reading of your SOPs, like a virtual tour. If they can sense you will have it all together, away you go; but if they sense uncertainty or that you aren’t qualified, you will be sent back to the drawing board. Our team will get you through this review fast so you can begin operating.

Now that you’re Licensed, Be Sure to Keep it!

SOPs are living documents and your ongoing compliance requires that they remain up-to-date for audits and inspections as well as a reflection of changes to the laws and enforcement. Our team will keep your SOPs current and functional so you pass all the tests.

Cannabis Business Strategy

SOPs For Novice Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Perhaps you have no idea how to run a cannabis business but you are chasing the dream and need help getting your license. Our team will act as your Operations team through the licensing process, tee’ing you up for success along the way.