Permit & License

Navigating the local &
state licensing processes


Getting You Ready for a Marathon!

The journey to get your cannabis operation licensed by the State is a long maze filled with confusing turns at every step. Our team of experts will save you time and money as we quickly progress through your local, often competitive, approval processes and submit approval-worthy applications with the state. How do we know we can do this? Because we have guided many cannabis businesses through the maze of getting a cannabis license.


Like politics, All Cannabis is Local FIRST

Before the state even looks at your plan and credentials, you must receive local permission, which is almost always hotly contested by other applicants and just as frequently subject to intense debate, if not protests and lawsuits. Our experienced team knows what your local governments want to see and we know best how to create winning proposals. We know because we have won many local approvals and will continue to do so.

Winning Applications Require Teamwork & Much More

If you want to earn one of the rare permits your city may award or need to show your local leadership that they can trust your plans, you’ll need an all-star team of experts. The quarterback of that team is a Project Manager who can get everyone in sync. Our PM’s get the job done, saving you hundreds of hours and costly mistakes that can get your application rejected.

What the heck is a CUP And how do I get one?

The Conditional Use Permit, or CUP’s, is the primary process that cities use to control where and how cannabis business are integrated into their communities. Our team has been getting developments approved for decades and speak the city’s language. We have successfully won CUPs and overcome hurdles that would have otherwise stopped cannabis businesses in their tracks.