A Story
of Success

The creation of northeastern California’s
first cannabis testing lab

The Overview

The Higher Commitment represents a partnership between two of Nevada County’s distinguished residents for the purpose of establishing the first fully licensed and accredited cannabis laboratory in northeastern California. To achieve their vision, they chose Nevada City as the home for their new testing laboratory.

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The Context and Challenge

cannabis case studies

With the passage of recent state laws that now offer licensure to all manner of cannabis activities, one of the most important components from a public safety perspective is ensuring cannabis products are safe for human consumption, whether that method involves inhalation, ingestion, or absorption. Once cannabis products are cultivated or manufactured, state law now requires those products to be handled by a licensed distributor who is responsible for conducting a quality assurance and control assessment before they are transported to any licensed cannabis retailer (dispensary or delivery service).

One of the primary components of this assessment is for the distributor to engage a licensed and accredited testing laboratory who is responsible for independently testing samples of those products for a variety of compounds deemed harmful to consumers by state regulators. If the product sample passes testing, the laboratory issues a certificate of analysis back to the distributor, allowing that product batch to be released for retail sale.

cannabis case studies

As cannabis lab testing is a new requirement, the industry lacks an adequate number of labs capable of providing testing services, particularly in the more rural parts of California. The implementation of regulatory ordinances in Nevada County, as well as other cities and counties in northeastern California has created an opportunity for local cannabis testing labs. Demand for local testing facilities near distributors receiving products from cultivators and manufacturers is expected to increase dramatically.

“From initial idea to local permit, BeGreenLegal was more than just a consulting firm. They truly specialize in the new cannabis industry, and know how to navigate a successful project from start to finish! Thank you guys, we would not be where we are today without your professional support!!!”

John Alexander, President
Tha Higher Commitment Analytical Lab

The Process and Insight

The Higher Commitment partners entrusted BeGreenLegal with the significant task of bringing their business idea of establishing a testing laboratory to life. Our consultants guided our client through the entire process of preparing a business and operations plan, architectural and land use drawings, community relations plan, build out budgeting, and cost/revenue projections. We set the following specific goals and met them through consistent question, answer and decision-making process

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Establish a licensed and accredited lab that is capable of providing cannabis testing services in compliance with California state law to licensed cannabis distributors, as well as pretesting services to cultivators and manufacturers.

Conduct operations in a way that appeases neighbor concerns about cannabis.

cannabis case studies
cannabis case studies

Promote public awareness of how cannabis can be cultivated, manufactured, distributed, sold, and consumed safely to avoid negative connotations of past experiences with illegal or gray market cannabis businesses.

Create a project that contributes to the local community through public outreach workshops that educate residents about the benefits of lab testing and by providing voluntary water quality testing to help minimize the impacts of previously unregulated cannabis cultivation on streams and rivers.

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The Solution

As the lead consultant, BeGreenLegal prepared and executed the following scope of work to achieve our client’s project goals:

  • Develop a strategic plan of action
  • Prepare investor and landlord pitch deck
  • Develop conceptual and schematic facilities plans
  • Prepare business and operations plan
  • Prepare community relations plan, safety plan, security plan, and other supporting documents
  • Prepare standard operating procedures
  • Prepare land use permit and neighborhood context map
  • Submit permits and license and correspond with government
  • Represent client at public meetings
  • Track and facilitate permit processing
  • Obtain local business and land use approval
cannabis case studies
cannabis case studies

The Results

With our help, The Higher Commitment received a local business permit and land use approval (allowing them to complete facility build-out), obtain a certificate of occupancy, and move onto obtaining a state license. The lab is expected to open later this year and will be the first approved cannabis testing lab in northeastern California. BeGreenLegal continues to support our client with state licensing and compliance.