Cannabis Compliance

For growing cannabis businesses struggling to keep up with licensing regulations, quality management, and risk management, we provide an end-to-end compliance program to ensure your business growth is uninterrupted and avoids downtime or unnecessary fines and expenses.






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Compliance can make or break a cannabis operation

How this might negatively affect your operation:


  • Deficiency notices
  • Fines
  • Suspensions
  • Loss of license


  • Underperformance
  • More mistakes
  • No understanding of tasks or workflows


  • Underperformance
  • More mistakes
  • No understanding of tasks or workflows

Quality Management

  • Inconsistent product quality
  • Lose sales
  • Recalls

Risk Management

  • Lost employees
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Lawsuits

Is your cannabis operation struggling with the following?

  • Your operators are stuck having to do time consuming paperwork and documentation.
  • Hiring and managing an in-house compliance team has been difficult and costly.
  • You are facing recalls on products that you have out in the market.
  • Safety violations, law suits, Metrc – supply chain delays

Bring efficiency to your compliance & risk management

We create and manage customized compliance systems to ensure your cannabis operations remains fully operational and avoids unnecessary fines or risks.

Trusted by cannabis business leaders

“I found the local and state application processes to be confusing and discouraging, many times wondering if the effort to own a cannabis dispensary would even be worth it. BeGreenLegal helped me through every step and were always there to explain what I didn’t understand.”

Jim Inglebright, CEO
The Bright Spot, Fairfield, CA

“…You guys absolutely killed it. We know our company doesn’t have the most to offer like Cookies or Stiiizy, but you guys freaking killed it anyway. So happy with our partnership. Appreciate you guys.”

Jeff Muzio, Owner
Hazy Bulldog Farms, Sonora, CA

“We want to say thank you, to you and your team for your professional assistance in the time sensitive matter over the weekend. I know it was extremely short notice and a painful headache outside business hours.”

Juan Hernandez, CEO
CVALT Delivery, Oakland, CA

Retail – Distribution – Manufacturing – Cultivation

Access our free compliance system builder

Our compliance system builder includes template plans & programs, SOPs, training, and our implementation guide. Train yourself of your team when it’s convenient.

Compliance Builder Includes:

  • Preparing your strategy
  • System concepts
  • Developing SOPs
  • Preparing training
  • Evaluation & Corrective Action Management

A proven compliance excellence process

Compliance excellency doesn’t happen by accident. We have spent years developing and refining a process that have kept our clients on a growth track.

01 Align

Discuss compliance content requirements to make sure they are aligns with operations goals. Each piece of content should target specific staff and workers.

02 Analyze

Collect information related to compliance goals through surveys,questionnaires, data, and document reviews to understand the operations.

03 Create

Prepare compliance deliverables, such as operating and safety plans, standard procedures, employee training, and evaluation tools.

04 Edit

Refine compliance information through detailed review to make sure the content is correct and aligns with objectives, including clear communication.

05 Package

Professionally package documents. Upload to client QMS account or file system. Test and review for accuracy.

06 Submit

Submit for approval to client or agencies as needed. Revise as needed and follow up to make sure there are no questions.

07 Publish

Publish the approved content for employee training and management.

What success looks like

Higher Product Consistency

Lower turnover &
employee training costs

Fewer accidents

More productivity

no violations

Lower insurance costs

Need help getting your cannabis business operating smoothly?

As an owner of a cannabis business, I know what a headache writing SOPs and training employees can be for my own operations, so if you too have the goal of managing safety, quality control, and regulatory compliance, while avoiding high cost compliance teams, then let’s set up some time to talk.

Chris Cox
CEO | Founder