Where Can I Start a Legal Cannabis Business?

Find out which cannabis businesses can operate legally in California

Legal cannabis business location finder

California marijuana laws are changing fast as local cities and counties react to recent state legislation. Learn where you can cultivate, manufacture, distribute, or dispense legal marijuana in the state. Even if your city or county does not currently allow cannabis businesses, they may in the future.

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Interactive Map Updated on 10/01/2020

Need help finding a compatible property for your cannabis business?

Our property search and acquisition package will help you:

City/County Search

Evaluate cities and counties based on a variety of regulatory, land use, environmental, and tax parameters

Property Search

Streamline your search by filtering for properties based on land use restrictions, buffers, accessibility, and price

Property Evaluation

Confirm a property’s suitability for cannabis by evaluating features and neighborhood compatibility

Site Survey

Determine how to best use your property and what restrictions might exist with a site survey

Property Acquisition

Our team of GIS planners, biologists, and agents assist you through the entire acquisition process.

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