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Cannabis Investors

Because it is federally illegal, investors in other industries have been reticent to venture into the marijuana industry, fearing their money would not be secured, subject to confiscation by law enforcement, or that a return on investment may not be guaranteed with illegal businesses. Yet recent legislation in California and other states now sets the stage to secure these investments through local and state licensing, providing cannabis businesses with significantly more legitimacy. While federal policy and regulations remain a concern, more than half of the states in this country now have laws on their books legalizing cannabis in some form (State Marijuana Laws in Map). With considerable experience in cannabis and other related industries, our consultants understand the value of proper approvals, insurance, and other safeguards necessary to guarantee a sound investment.

Consulting for Marijuana Investors

Business Strategy for Investors

Marijuana investors looking to start a new venture or partner with an existing business will be well-served by our consultants. BeGreenLegal has successfully assisted many businesses with:

  • Business and Compliance Audits
  • Carefully-crafted business plans
  • Pro formas
  • Project programming
  • Site, facilities and logistics plans
  • Local permits and state licenses

Our experience in operating our own cannabis business and engaging others in the industry has proven invaluable in understanding the complexities intrinsic to this unique product. In addition to providing you access to our network of growers, distributors, manufacturers, and dispensaries, we can help direct your focus so you get what you want more quickly and efficiently.

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