Are You Interested in Getting Invested in
Cannabis But Not Sure What Steps to Take?

The cannabis industry is ripe with opportunity but the barrier for entry is steep and can be daunting.
Our cannabis consulting experts help you determine your best fit for the cannabis industry.

Get A 1-on-1 Opportunity Analysis

There is Lot’s of Outdated And Misleading
Information Out There.

If you’re confused and frustrated with the lack of accurate, relevant information, you’re not alone. Be wary, bad information online can lead to major time sinks and hefty financial loss down the line.

Laws are constantly changing

Opportunities vary city by city

Inaccurate information online

Best opportunities aren’t always obvious

Our 1-on-1 sessions are tailored to address
your specific needs and situation.

I need help identifying a cannabis business that best fits my goals and resources.

I’ve picked a business type and need help determining the required steps to move forward getting licensed.

I’m a property owner and want to explore opportunities to lease or sell to a cannabis operator.

Potential Discussion Topics

Cannabis Industry Crash Course

BeGreenLegal has our finger on the pulse of local and state regulation. We will give you the latest, most current information about the industry and licencing process.

In the crash course, we’ll cover:

  • Application Licensing Process
  • Business Models
  • License Types
  • Financial Requirements

Business Strategy Session

If you’ve already identified a business type that you’re confident is supported by regulation and licensing structures, we can use our time to help you develop a detailed strategy for moving forward successfully.

Document Review

We can help you wade through complex, confusing government documents or review your own internal business plans.

Some of the document types:

  • Zoning Maps
  • GIS Mapping
  • Regulations
  • Ordinances
  • General Plans

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