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Know Your Cannabis Testing Lab Licensing Requirements

Testing labs have existed for some time in the cannabis industry but are rapidly becoming one of its most vital parts as state regulations now require all products to be tested for more than sixty compounds. With relatively few ISO certified labs compared to the volume of cannabis being produced and sold, cannabis testing labs are needed to ensure this portion of the supply chain does not limit the supply of products to retailers.

Cannabis testing labs need to comply with many regulations if they plan to obtain and maintain the required permits and licenses needed to operate. Our consultants are experts at navigating the approvals you need to run a cannabis testing lab business in California. Testing labs also require a high degree of specialized consultation due to the nature of the precise scientific methods used in testing. Our specialized consulting team includes scientists with theoretical and practical knowledge of how to establish these businesses amidst developing regulations.

cannabis testing

How we can help you

Our cannabis consultants can help you with your project from the very beginning through operation. We excel at strategic planning oriented towards meeting deadlines and getting things done. We provide the following solutions to helping you achieve your goals:

  • Property Assessment
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Vision Planning
  • Conceptual Site and Facility Design
  • Business Planning
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Local and state permits and licenses
  • Compliance

Local Approvals

Testing labs are typically less controversial cannabis businesses when permitting through cities and counties, but face a high degree of scrutiny from building and fire departments during buildout. Our consultants help testing labs through site planning, business planning, and facility design to obtain the following local approvals:

  • Land Use Permits
  • Business Licenses
  • Building Permits

State Cannabis License

Cannabis testing labs must first obtain local approval from the city or county where they are located before they can apply for a state license. They then must prepare a robust state application that includes detailed standard operating procedures on sample collection, preparation, testing, storage, reporting, and disposal for every proposed activity. Our consultants are experts at assisting these businesses prepare the documents they need for the following licenses in a comprehensive fashion to facilitate successful operations while also getting approvals:

Type 8 – Lab Testing

Environmental Approvals

Testing labs typically need to comply with environmental regulations related to facility design and operations. If facility improvements are needed, changes of use and proposed hazardous materials will trigger the need for enhanced building requirements. Additionally, testing labs must be built so they are contaminant free to pass stringent ISO standards. Our consultants assist testing lab operators with developing and implementing solutions throughout buildout, equipment selection, and into operations to streamline costs, reduce approval timeframes, and increase productivity.

Cannabis Testers Checklist

Are You Prepared?

In California, the Bureau of Cannabis Control issues licenses to testing labs, but only after operators obtain local approval and start the ISO accreditation process. We start evaluating whether an operator is prepared to obtain all required approvals by asking the following questions:

  • Do you have well defined and measurable business goals?
  • Do you understand the complexities involved in lab testing?
  • Do you have a well thought out operations plan?
  • Do you have a location?
  • Are you self funded or have the ability to raise funding for your project?

Permit/License Requirements

Depending on your license type and situation, you will need the following items:

  • Business Entity Formation
  • Business & Operations Plan
  • Live Scan Background Check Property Deed or Lease Agreement Neighborhood Context Map
  • Site/Facilities Plans
  • Security Plan
  • Odor Control Plan
  • Building Permit
  • Land Use Permit
  • Business License
  • Seller’s Permit
  • Surety Bond ($5,000)
  • Labor Peace Agreement (> 20 Employees)

Our consultants can help you save time and money while navigating the process of setting up and operating your cannabis business legally. Contact us today for a half-hour consultation

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