Discovery Assessments
& Due Diligence

Finding & confirming your
cannabis opportunities


Where & When Should You Enter the Cannabis Industry

Whether you own or have access to a “green-zoned” property already or have an area in mind and need direction, we’ve got you covered. We are confident that we can help you get into the cannabis industry while saving you time and money. We know because we have helped numerous clients do the same thing. Don’t be stuck sitting on the sidelines, be ready when the time comes.


Will Your Property Work for Cannabis?

Knowing whether your property will be suitable for cannabis requires skillful examination of many layers of regulatory and licensing factors, as well as all the traditional developmental areas like environmental and biological clearance. Our expert consultants have proven time and time again that they can find the best property for your business. Before you lease, buy, or invest in property for cannabis, get help from our expert team of consultants.

Get a Second, Non-Biased Opinion Before It’s Too Late

Despite what your realtor told you or what you have read, not every “green-zoned” property will work for cannabis. Save tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, by booking our team to perform a professional, all-encompassing due diligence investigation before you invest in property or services in the pursuit of local permission. Skipping this vital step can cost you time and money, we know because our clients have made the mistake of not getting a second opinion.

Cannabis Business Strategy

Has Your Property Been “Green-Zoned” by the City or County?

As cities and counties permit cannabis businesses, eligible properties are “green-zoned” and become substantially more valuable. If you control one of these parcels, you have many options from sales or lease, getting licensed yourself to operate, and lastly, to entitlement, which greatly increases your leverage. Be prepared to capitalize.