1-on-1 Educational Overview


Looking for education in the complex cannabis industry? Book a learning session to come up to speed with real-world, straight shooting experts.  Limited space available.

Is starting a cannabis business your dream but you need someone to help you understand the journey?

This package includes a real-world practical education and high level business strategy that are critical components to your success.

For advanced guidance including recommendations for City & Counties in which you may be able to locate your cannabis business, you should consider the Strategic Recommendation package instead, which includes this Overview. 

Disclaimer: It is the goal of BeGreenLegal to support qualified applicants and businesses through the entire licensing process and beyond as you grow your business. From this session you will have a better understanding of several interconnected processes and challenges, the solutions for which will require significant time and investment to create and those assets are not included in this package.These sessions are not to be considered legal, financial or tax advice and space is extremely limited.  Once you purchase the session, you will be contacted by staff to arrange the appointment.