LIVE Opportunity Analysis & Custom Conceptual Strategy


If you have done all the research you can handle but still have questions and seek the guidance and wisdom of veterans in the cannabis industry, BeGreenLegal’s Live Education & Custom Strategy Development package is just for you. 

This package is perfect if you’re:

 –  Looking to invest in real estate or use property you already control, or

–  Going to operate a successful cannabis business at any point along the supply chain, and/or

–  Starting a product brand that will need to work within the licensing structure.


“This package is exactly what I was hoping it would be. You answered all my questions and had such great ideas. I can’t believe how fast you cut through such a complicated process and how you helped me understand it all.”

Jason Chen, new cannabis licensee.  

With this package, you and your partners will receive live custom training that is 100% focused on your unique situation and goals and a  conceptual  strategy recommendation. Thanks to our decades of leadership, scholarship and professional experience both within and outside the cannabis industry, you will get the answers to the most burning questions that every prospective cannabis entrepreneur has, such as:

  • What is the best cannabis activity(s) and business model for me?
  • How much does it cost and how long will it take?
  • Where are some of the best locations to base my business?
  • How do you start and build a cannabis brand?
  • What license(s), if any, do I need to launch my product or idea?

This package includes a LIVE interactive and collaborative overview of the cannabis industry, including an in depth look at the various business models and opportunities and discussion specifically tailored to your situation and goals as an investor and operator.

Based on your feedback, our Senior staff members will develop a Conceptual Strategic Recommendation, which we will then present to you live as well as answer your questions.

Once you purchase the session, you will be contacted by staff to arrange the appointment.

At the conclusion of this scope of work, clients typically engage BGL separately to identify particular parcels and properties upon which their applications and business can be developed unless they already control “green zoned” real estate.

Disclaimer: It is the goal of BeGreenLegal to support qualified applicants and businesses through the entire licensing process and beyond as you grow your business. From this session you will have a better understanding of several interconnected processes and challenges, the solutions for which will require significant time and investment to create and those assets are not included in this package.These sessions are not to be considered legal, financial or tax advice and space is extremely limited.