Pre-Approved Cannabis Property Available for Immediate Purchase/Partnership

Listing ID:

Pre-Approved Cannabis Property Available for Immediate Purchase/Partnership

Listing Type Pre-approved Property
License Type
Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail

About This Opportunity

Currently licensed operator owns additional adjacent parcels that are pre-approved for licensing (cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, retail, testing). Looking to partner with someone to develop and operate expanded facilities, as small as 5,000 s.f. at a time or all at once. Entire buildout could cost up to $5-7 million. Purchaser can operate themselves or plug into the existing vertically integrated operation, which is also part of a federal program. Ideal candidates are businesses with existing brands or start-ups interested in expanding into Southern California. Seller can provide legal, architect, construction, operation team as needed.

Details for This Opportunity


Price$1,750,000 - $7,000,000
Valid UntilJune 1, 2022
Listing TypePre-approved Property
% Available100%
License TypeCultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail
License StatusExisting operation is licensed and active. Expansion parcels pre-approved
Progress/Time Saved8 months
Operation StatusPre-Operational
LocationAdelanto, CA
Facility5,000 s.f. – 40,000 s.f
Property IncludedLong Term Lease

Completion & Timeline Score

Access to greenzone propery 100%
Local cannabis permissions granted 100%
Local building permits received 0%
State license 30%
Buildout (COO) 10%
Operational 48%


Name:Cox, Christopher
Mailing Address:

1510 J Street, Ste #100
Sacramento, CA 95814

License ID:01505565
Responsible Broker:

License ID: 01486075
Vanguard Properties, Inc.
2501 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110


Chris Cox