Property Suitability Analysis


Before deciding to buy or lease property for your next cannabis business, give yourself peace of mind knowing that you can get the approvals you need with expert review through our Property Suitability Analysis. This remote review will cover compliance with local and state regulations as well as practical, real-world issues that may hamper your approval or desired use of the property.

Our BGL experts will remotely access details of your selected property from a variety of publicly available resources and compare your planned use to what is allowed under local and state regulations. Additionally, we’ll provide our insight as to the likelihood and severity of political pushback during your application and local approvals, especially in front of the planning commission.

You should not make any binding decisions based on this level of research but it is a great starting point to quickly decide whether to continue your due diligence on a selected property.

Our Property Suitability Analysis is designed
to answer the following questions:

  • Can my property be approved for cannabis?
  • Is this property zoned correctly for my desired use?
  • Will there be any changes to what is allowed in the future?
  • Are other uses allowed?
  • Are there any restrictions?
  • Are there any sensitive uses around my property that will prevent my approvals?
  • Are there any property characteristics that will affect my business?

Our Process

Our Investment and Profit Analysis involves the following steps:


Complete Intake Questionnaire
Our team will start our analysis by first collaborating with you to complete a questionnaire that identifies your property and any pertinent information.

Research Property Information
Our team will then research and compile information relevant to your desired business type and land use from local planning documents and regulations.

Prepare Neighborhood Context Map
BGL analysts will then prepare a map identifying all relevant zoning, land use, and regulatory characteristics that are available for your property, as well as sensitive use buffers and locations.

Prepare Report
We will prepare a report that compiles our research and assumptions and provides our findings and recommendations. Our report will also include a list of licensing requirements and costs.

Discuss Recommendations
Our strategists will finally meet with you and discuss our recommendations.

How You Benefit

Our Property Suitability Analysis is designed to help you understand the opportunities and constraints of your selected property before you purchase, lease, or invest. If you are still interested in pursuing your ideas after completing this step, we can help you with the next steps:

• Opportunity Analysis

• Market Analysis
• Investment & Profit Analysis

Once you are comfortable moving forward, our team can help you implement a full solution to realize your goals. Our clients typically move on to the following steps:

• Due Diligence

• Review and Advice
• Project Assessment
• Business & Operations Planning
• Facility Design
• Business Deck

• Licensing

• Local Development Permit
• Local Operator Permit
• State Licenses

• Operations

• Compliance Management
• Operations Management