Remote Property Review: Preliminary Eligibility Analysis


Would you like to know if a property you own or are considering may be eligible or advisable for a cannabis operation? Have our team of experts perform a remote study and review before going any further. 

The BeGreenLegal team will review your property remotely using a wide variety of professional resources for compliance with city/county and state regulations, zoning and local ordinances to provide high-level feedback as to the likelihood of approval of a cannabis business on a given parcel.  As part of a Neighborhood Compatibility review, we will for conflicts with regulatory and practical setbacks and obstacles that will negatively impact your development.

This is the perfect package to purchase prior to a full-scale, on-site Property Suitability study or your own property or one on which you may be considering an offer to lease or purchase.

Disclaimer: It is the goal of BeGreenLegal to support qualified applicants and businesses through the entire licensing process and beyond as you grow your business. From this session you will have a better understanding of several interconnected processes and challenges, the solutions for which will require significant time and investment to create and those assets are not included in this package.These sessions are not to be considered legal, financial or tax advice and space is extremely limited.  Once you purchase the session, you will be contacted by staff to arrange the appointment.