Operator Analysis


Interested in discussing your goals with an experienced professional? Whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for years, we can answer the burning questions you have about taking the next steps.

This package includes a LIVE interactive and collaborative overview of the cannabis industry, including an in depth look at the various business models and opportunities and discussion specifically tailored to your situation and goals as an investor and operator.

This package is designed
to answer the following questions:

For new businesses:

  • What is the best cannabis activity(s) and business model for me?
  • How much does it cost and how long will it take?
  • Where are some of the best locations to base my business?
  • How do I set up my property to sell or lease to cannabis businesses?
  • How do you start and build a cannabis brand?
  • What license(s), if any, do I need to launch my product or idea?

For existing businesses:

  • What are the best ways for me to expand my business?
  • What are the most lucrative ways to reinvest in my business to increase profit?
  • How do I launch or improve a cannabis brand?
  • How do I streamline my application, compliance, or operations workflows?
  • What license(s), if any, do I need to launch my product or idea?

Our Process

Our Operator Analysis involves the following steps:


Complete Intake Questionnaire
Our team will start our analysis by first collaborating with you to complete a questionnaire that is tailored to your situation. Our questionnaire dives into specific topics related to your needs that we will then discuss in our strategy session.

Conduct Strategy Session
Our experienced strategists will then conduct a strategy session with you in which we will review your situation and responses to our questionnaire. The goal of this session is to discuss recommendations for taking your project to the next level.

Prepare Report
Based on your feedback, our Senior staff members will develop a written Conceptual Recommendations Report, which will answer your questions and discuss next steps.

Discuss Recommendations
Finally, our Senior staff will discuss our recommendations and possible next steps with you and your team, which may include one or more additional analysis packages to help you determine your opportunity, or jumping right to one of our business solutions.

How You Benefit

Our Operator Analysis is designed to work in tandem with our other analysis packages to help you fully understand your opportunity. Not every opportunity is a good one and we want to see you spend your time and money wisely. If you are still interested in pursuing your ideas after completing this step, we can help you match your priorities with the realities of your situation through the following additional analyses:

• Analysis Package

• Licensing Analysis
• Market Analysis
• Sales and Profit Analysis
• Property Hunting List Analysis
• Property Suitability Analysis
• Property Hunting List Analysis
• Business Acquisition Analysis
• Compliance Analysis
Operations Analysis

Once you are comfortable moving forward, our team can help you implement a full solution to realize your goals. Our clients typically move on to the following steps:

• Due Diligence

• Review and Advice
• Project Assessment
• Business & Operations Planning
• Facility Design
• Business Deck
• Branding

• Licensing

• Local Development Permit
• Local Operator Permit
• State Licenses

• Operations

• Compliance Management
• Operations Management