Market Analysis


Do you want to know how many customers are in your target market and how much of your products or services they will buy? Do you know who your customers are and how to reach them? Our market analysis helps you better understand your potential market so you can prepare a solid plan that converts users to leads and your customers. From there you can confidently calculate your revenue and profit estimates for your business plan.

This package requires that you have a location selected. Please refer to our Licensing Analysis for more information.

Our Market Analysis is designed
to answer the following questions:

Target Market analysis:

  • Who are my customers?
  • Where is my target market?
  • What is my customer demand?
  • Who are my competitors and how much will they affect me?
  • How many people are in my target market?
  • What is the value of my target market?
  • What are my customers’ demographics and preferences?
  • What are my competitors’ common products?

Predictive target market analysis:

  • Comparative analysis
  • Historical & predictive analysis

Our Process

Our Market Analysis involves the following steps:


Complete Intake Questionnaire
Our team will start our analysis by first collaborating with you to complete a questionnaire that identifies your market preferences.

Identify Total Accessible Market (TAM)
Our team will then identify your total accessible market, or the total market to which you could potentially sell your products or services. Specific information includes the total number of potential customers, as well as their demographics and consumption patterns and rates.

Calculate Service Accessible Market (SAM)
Our team will then calculate your service accessible market or the potential customers that may be a good fit for your business and the corresponding market value.

Calculate Target Market
We will finally calculate your target market or service obtainable market, which includes potential customers that you can actually reach by reviewing your competition with other businesses.

Prepare Report
We will prepare a report that compiles our research and provides our findings and recommendations.

Discuss Recommendations
Our strategists will finally meet with you and discuss our recommendations, which may include taking the next steps necessary to obtain a license or refining our search criteria.

How You Benefit

Our Market Analysis is designed to work in tandem with our other analysis packages to help you fully understand your opportunity. As the cannabis market matures, it becomes more important to fully understand your customers before spending lots of money developing products or services. If you are still interested in pursuing your ideas after completing this step, we can help you with the next steps:

• Complimentary Analysis Package

• Licensing Analysis
• Sales and Profit Analysis
• Property Hunting List Analysis
• Property Suitability Analysis
• Business Acquisition Analysis
• Compliance Analysis
• Operations Analysis

Once you are comfortable moving forward, our team can help you implement a full solution to realize your goals. Our clients typically move on to the following steps:

• Due Diligence

• Review and Advice
• Project Assessment
• Business & Operations Planning
• Facility Design
• Business Deck

• Licensing

• Local Development Permit
• Local Operator Permit
• State Licenses

• Operations

• Compliance Management
• Operations Management