Licensing Analysis


Do you want to know where the best places are to cultivate or set up a retail store? Have you done your own research to compare license requirements in different cities, counties, or states and want an experienced perspective? Our consultants understand how the government works and can tell you what you need to know about cannabis licensing, as well as all the other laws and regulations you will need to follow.

Our Licensing Analysis is designed to answer the following questions:

  • What does my preferred city or county allow?
  • How does my selection of cities or counties compare with each other?
  • How long will the local permitting process take and what are the steps?
  • What other approvals do I need and how do I get them?
  • What are my chances of getting a cannabis approval and is it a good idea?
  • What pitfalls or roadblocks should I expect?

Our Process

Our Licensing Analysis involves the following steps:


Complete Intake Questionnaire
• Our team will start our analysis by first collaborating with you to complete a questionnaire that identifies your license preferences.

Identify Search Criteria
• Our experienced strategists will then identify the specific search criteria we will use to conduct the analysis from your responses as well as our own review.

Conduct Analysis
• Our team will then conduct our analysis in which we review each of the selected cities, counties, or states selected according to the identified search criteria. This analysis is completed through GIIS mapping and a review of all pertinent regulations.

Prepare Report
• We will prepare a report that compiles our search criteria and provides our findings and recommendations

Discuss Recommendations
• Our strategists will finally meet with you and discuss our recommendations, which may include taking the next steps necessary to obtain a license or refining our search criteria.

How You Benefit

Our Licensing Analysis is designed to work in tandem with our other analysis packages to help you fully understand your opportunity. Your time and money will be better spent in the long run by taking the time to assess your options. If you are still interested in pursuing your ideas after completing this step, we can help you with the next steps that many of our clients take:

• Analysis Package

• Market AnalysisSales and Profit Analysis
• Sales and Profit Analysis
• Property Hunting List Analysis
• Property Suitability Analysis
• Business Acquisition Analysis

Once you are comfortable moving forward, our team can help you implement a full solution to realize your goals. Our clients typically move on to the following steps:

• Due Diligence

• Review and Advice
• Project Assessment
• Business & Operations Planning
• Facility Design
• Business Deck
• Branding

• Licensing

• Local Development Permit
• Local Operator Permit
• State Licenses