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Pre-License Packages

We help you build your cannabis business from the ground up

Are you looking for the best way to get invested in the cannabis industry?

As the cannabis industry continues to experience explosive growth, the opportunities are nearly endless. However, the landscape is changing and new cannabis businesses are facing tougher licensing requirements and fiercer competition. Customer loyalty and retention is harder to attain, forcing them to be much more strategic in their go-to-market approach.

Current Climate of the Cannabis Industry

Wide Range of Opportunities

There are many more opportunities than meet the eye. Your best fit might not be immediately obvious.

Evolving Regulation

Constantly changing state laws and confusing local regulation make for a steep barrier of entry for new or expanding operations.

A Growing Competitive Landscape

As the market matures and competition grows, the need to build a strong, lasting brand has become critical for long term success.

BeGreenLegal helps build powerful cannabis businesses and brands.

– Real Estate

We help businesses identify, acquire, and permit locations for their cannabis operations.

– Property & Land Development

BGL can fully spec and manage your location development to make it suitable for your own or client’s operational needs.

– Licensing & Compliance

BGL manages all state and local processes for attaining and maintaining cannabis licenses across all business types.

– Brand Building

We help businesses develop powerful brand identities that elevate them from the competition and enable them to successfully scale.

– Operations

We help businesses develop standard operating procedures, train employees, manage inventory and develop a successful supply chain.

– Product Development

Our chemists and geneticists help brands create new formulations to expand their product line and target new consumer types​.

Meet the Team

Chris Cox

Chief Consultant
Development & Planning

Alano Vasquez

Chief Marketing Officer
Brand & Marketing Strategy

Chris Cahill

Senior Consultant
Licensing & Investing

Kristin Steinart

Project Management
Planning & Biology

Vyolet Wylde

Project Management
Regulation & Compliance

John Pollak

Analytical Chemist
Manufacturing & Product Development

Renee Engle-Goodner

Testing Lab Lead

Chelsea Mulligan

Retail Operations
Procedures & Training

Phinehas Toderean

Real Estate
Property Acquisition

Bobby Castagna

IT & Communication

Sharnae Street

Project Management

Find the best plan for your business needs

If you are

  • Curious about the opportunties within Licensed Cannabis
  • Unsure which business models best suits your budget, skills and passions.
  • Ready to transparent, honest conversation.


Live Intro / Overview Session

  • Licenses
  • Process
  • Typical Economics

If you are

  • Preparing your high-level business strategy.
  • Looking for more custom planning assistance and insight into a particular project.
  • Preparing to launch a company and don’t want to make costly mistakes


Custom Conceptual Recommendations

Written Report & Plan Guidelines, Presented Live with Q&A Examples include:

  • License Strategy
  • General City/County Direction
  • Corporate Planning
  • Fund Raising Guidance
  • Basic Economic Modeling

If you are

  • Ready to begin execution of your strategy.
  • About to make some permanent decisions & can’t afford to overlook trap doors.
  • Looking to get the value of a team without having to add to your payroll.


Support Project Execution

Examples of these Less than Full Application Steps Include:

  • Detailed Property Search (Hunting List)
  • Property Suitability on Specific Parcel
  • Preliminary Premises Design
  • Investor Pitch Deck Consult & Composition
  • Advanced Financial Modeling

Business Plan Composition & Publishing

If you are

  • Applying for local permits or state licenses soon.
  • In search of professionals with talent, experience, ethics and proven processes that work and impress reviewers and agencies every time.
  • Trying to keep the license and grow the business for which you worked so hard.


Applications & Licensing

Examples of these Less than Full Application Steps Include:

  • Land Use Permit Applications
  • Local Operator Permit Applications
  • State License Applications SOPs
  • Business Strategy & Process Improvements