Sacramento Pre-License Manufacturing & Distro Including Consulting

Sacramento Pre-License Manufacturing & Distro Including Consulting

Company For Sale With Lease
Listing Type
Type 6 Mfg, Type 11 Distro
License Type

About This Opportunity

Cut the line and be licensed and operational by Fall. Our client’s company controls a 4k sq ft facility with CUP for Mfg, having Distro added via Minor Modification now. It will have Building Permit by end of August to go along with BOPs and State Licenses in progress. Current design allows Type 6 Extraction and Distribution, but could be upgraded at your expense to include sterile area or even kitchen for more complex manufacturing. Price includes consulting fees through licensing, excluding fees to agencies. Buyer takes over long term lease at ~ $7k per mo.

Details for This Opportunity


Valid UntilBuilding Permit Approved
Listing TypeCompany For Sale With Lease
% Available100%
License TypeType 6 Mfg, Type 11 Distro
License StatusCUP/BOP & State in Process
Progress/Time Saved9 months
Operation StatusPre-Operational
Facility4k Sq Ft Warehouse
Property IncludedLong Term Lease
Rent$7k/mo. (3 Months Prepaid)

Completion & Timeline Score

Access to greenzone propery 100%
Local cannabis permissions granted 50%
Local building permits received 40%
State license 90%
Buildout (COO) 50%
Operational 66%




Phinehas Toderean