Cannabis Distribution & Manufacturing Business ($4m-$8m/year)

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Cannabis Distribution & Manufacturing Business ($4m-$8m/year)

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Listing Type Company For Sale With Lease
License Type
Type 6 Mfg, Type 11 Distro

About This Opportunity

If you are interested owning a Cannabis Infusion and Distribution business and want to be operational as soon as possible, this business is what you are looking for. Situated in the City of Sacramento, this 3,750 square foot facility has been meticulously vetted and will be fully licensed and operational by Spring, 2022. Buyer purchases the business entity and takes over the long-term lease at $7,000 per month. Seller financing or partnership available. Price of the operator entity and includes:
• Type N Cannabis Manufacturing License for Infusion & Packaging
• Type 11 Cannabis Distribution License
• Completed Facility Renovations
• Certificate of Occupancy
• Standard Operating Procedures
• Quality Management System and Quality Control Forms
• Bookkeeping and Contracts System
• One Year License Support

Details for This Opportunity


Valid UntilMay 1, 2022
Listing TypeCompany For Sale With Lease
% Available100%
License TypeType 6 Mfg, Type 11 Distro
License StatusCUP/BOP & State in Process
Progress/Time Saved2 years
Operation StatusPre-Operational
FacilityWarehouse suite
Property IncludedLong Term Lease
Rent$7k/mo. (3 Months Prepaid)

Completion & Timeline Score

Access to greenzone propery 100%
Local cannabis permissions granted 100%
Local building permits received 80%
State license 90%
Buildout (COO) 70%
Operational 88%


Chris Cox