Cannabis Investor
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Determine what cannabis activities best suit your goals, timeline, and resources.

This guide will help you to:

Quickly see the startup costs for the major cannabis business types

Determine the startup costs for getting your new cannabis business operational.

Understand the various challenges for each cannabis business type

Get a snapshot of the pros, cons, and challenges for each cannabis business type.

Estimate the potential annual revenue based on the size of your operatione

Get a prediction of potential revenue based on the size and type of operation.

What Investor Clients Are Saying

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Cookies Modesto simply doesn’t exist right now without the team from BeGreenLegal. Their talents were vital to us winning one of the city’s permits and then their strategic vision helped us join forces with the leading brand in the industry. The BGL team simply does it all.

Founder of Cookies Modesto
Winner of merit-based permit process

We came to BeGreenLegal with less than 15 days to hit a deadline for our Manufacturing and Distro business. They immediately jumped into action, revised our premises diagram to comply with state regs and wrote up an amazing application for us. Their team is so well synchronized and a pleasure to work with.

Nevada City Multi-License Operators & Industry Vet
Quickly determine which business type best serves your ROI goals.

Each cannabis business type has it’s own benefits and drawbacks. Get a snapshot of them all to make an informed decision about how to move forward profitably.

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Avoid expensive and timely pitfalls from investing prematurely.

Too many businesses fail before becoming operational due to unforeseen hurdles that were not planned for. Don’t become a statistic.

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Get valuable insights that strengthen your negotiating power with partners.

Understand the realistic financial and operational investments required to make a business successful, significantly strengthening an investor’s position.

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BeGreenLegal is a full service cannabis agency helping investors build profitable businesses.

We transform your cannabis business idea into a profitable and scalable operation. The cannabis industry is full of opportunity but also rife with red tape and a maze of constantly changing regulations. Our team of experts consists of consultants, real estate agents, GIS specialists, and biologists who are equipped to help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter and help you achieve your business goals whether you are applying for a license, already operating, looking for investment opportunities, or own cannabis property.