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As you may already know, opening a dispensary in California is a challenge in many ways. As the most visible type of business in the cannabis industry, operators have faced significant criticism from opponents who claim that dispensaries encourage crime degrade property values, corrupt minors, and adversely affect neighboring businesses among other arguments. Strategic planning is therefore essential in obtaining local and state approvals. Whatever your goals, our consultants can help you obtain your approvals quickly while maximizing the effectiveness of your time and money.

Cannaibs Dispensary Map Overview

Strategy and Planning for Dispensaries

California dispensary operations require significant planning, design, marketing, and public outreach to be successful. BeGreenLegal has successfully assisted many businesses with:

  • Business and compliance audits,
  • Carefully-crafted business plans,
  • Entity formation,
  • Project programming,
  • Site, facilities and logistics plans, and
  • strategic licensing compliance guidance.

We can help you streamline your project and work flow so your productivity increases and you spend less time and money obtaining or maintaining approvals. Learn More

Local Approvals for Opening a Dispensary in California

Cities and counties must ensure that businesses operating within their jurisdiction meet certain conditions to protect residents and the environment by obtaining a permit, authorization, or other form of approval. Dispensaries looking to start, expand, or sustain a legal cannabis operation will typically need to obtain one or more of the following:

  • Land use permits
  • Building permits
  • Operator permits

We have been assisting businesses obtain these approvals for years and can provide cost-effective solutions for you. Learn More

Environmental Permits for Legal Dispensaries

Legal dispensaries are not likely to face as many environmental regulations as other cannabis businesses, but may be required to prepare an environmental assessment related to vehicle fleet pollution, customer traffic studies, or additional subjects if land development is a part of the project. Monitoring may also be required to ensure permit conditions are met. If your project needs an environmental approval, visit our blog page to learn more or contact us to speak with one of our expert consultants. Learn More

State Licenses

The California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is responsible for issuing cannabis dispensary licenses. Currently the agency is reviewing the potential impacts associated with these businesses and formulating license requirements, with the expectation that licenses will start being issued in January, 2018. Obtaining a cannabis dispensary license will first require approval from the city or county in which the operation is located. Our consultants can help with your business goals so you are ready to apply for a license when they are available. Learn More

Opening a dispensary license in california process

Cannabis Businesses Checklist

Are You Prepared?

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control will start issuing cannabis licenses for Retailers, Distributors, Testing Laboratories, and Microbusinesses in 2018, but how you prepare will greatly affect your success in obtaining one.

  • Are you looking for help in defining your business goals?
  • Are you trying to find a city or county that will approve your cannabis business?
  • Are you looking for a property that will suit your needs, reduce setup costs and streamline
    needed approvals?
  • Would you like some help planning your project and preparing your applications?
  • Are you concerned about paying an attorney or consultant a lot of money without seeing results?

Permit/License Requirements

Depending on your license type and situation, you will need the following items:

  • Business Entity Formation
  • Business & Operations Plan
  • Live Scan Background Check Property Deed or Lease Agreement Neighborhood Context Map
  • Site/Facilities Plans
  • Security Plan
  • Odor Control Plan
  • Building Permit (City/County)
  • Land Use Permit (City/County)
  • Business License (City/County)
  • Seller’s Permit (Dept.Taxes & Fees Admin.) Surety Bond ($5,000)
  • ISO/IEC 17205 Accreditation (Testing Laboratories)
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance (Distributors, Microbusinesses)
  • Labor Peace Agreement (> 20 Employees)

Our consultants can help you save time and money while navigating the process of setting up and operating your cannabis business legally. Contact us today for a half-hour consultation

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