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Our consultants have extensive experience in preparing plans and application packages for city and county approvals, environmental permits, and state licenses. Whatever stage you are at with your business, take advantage of the free content we provide through our blogs, or call us for an initial consultation.

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Business Plan

Every business needs a plan that identifies how it is intended to be set up and operated. It answers questions such as:

  • Choosing your business location,
  • How much start-up capital will be needed and how it will be spent,
  • What permits and licenses you will need,
  • What taxes you will need to pay, and
  • How you will market your products or services to make a profit.

With our expertise in planning and regulatory compliance, and our experience in the cannabis industry, our consultants can help you build a sound business that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Business and Compliance Audits

Whether you are just starting, or have been operating for some time, our consultants can help you analyze your business status and trajectory from a variety of perspectives and prepare a comprehensive report for your use in future decision-making. We typically review the following metrics:

  • Market placement,
  • Facilities, logistics, and operations efficiencies,
  • Employee productivity,
  • Compliance status and needs,
  • Potential regulatory sanctions, and
  • Upgrade and expansion cost projections

Whether you simply need a stand-alone estimate of what your business will need in the future, or wish to focus on a larger planning and compliance effort, your audit report can be tailored in scope to suit your business needs.

Site, Facilities, and Logistics Plans

Any business with property, buildings, equipment, or vehicles will be more successful with a carefully crafted business plan and appropriate regulatory approvals. Our consultants are expert at preparing both written and graphic portions of business plan documentation:

  • Site plans,
  • Facilities plans both interior and exterior,
  • Security plans and
  • Logistics plans describing the flow of your staff, products, and services.

Acounting, Inventory, and Operations Plans

Cannabis projects require good recordkeeping, inventory management, and operational guidelines to keep your business on track for success. Effective business management depends on disciplined evaluation key performance metrics, such as:

  • Financial history,
  • Customer relations,
  • Internal working atmosphere,
  • Strategies for reaching specific short-term and long-term goals, and
  • Regulatory Compliance sanctions.

The better your business is crafted from the beginning and the more diligently it is operated, the better your success. Give us a call if you have questions or need assistance with your operations.

Who we help

BeGreenLegal draws its expertise from both outside and inside the cannabis industry. Outside, our consultants have extensive experience in land and environmental planning for residential, commercial, industrial, and energy-related development projects. Inside, we have experience in assisting a variety of medical marijuana businesses plan their operations and obtain local/environmental permits in anticipation of applying for state licenses. We have also operated our own medical cannabis business, involving cultivation, distribution, and dispensary management, for more than six years. When you are ready, we can provide the inertia to take your business to the next level.

  • cultivators


  • distributors and transporters


  • dispensaries


  • manufacturers and testers


  • investors


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