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Our consultants have extensive experience in preparing plans and application packages for city and county approvals, environmental permits, and state licenses. Whatever stage you are at with your business, take advantage of the free content we provide through our blogs, or call us for an initial consultation.

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Local Approvals

California cities and counties are regulated by both local and state government. Local governments are primarily responsible for regulating how land is treated within its borders, essentially meaning they control what you can do on your property. Receiving an approval for your cannabis business will likely require one or more permits related to land planning, building, public works, or environmental review. Our consultants are very experienced in preparing and processing the application packages needed for these approvals and can help you with your business.

Planning Approval

Cannabis businesses will need a permit from the local planning department related to zoning requirements for their property. Typical permits involve either an administrative approval by department staff, or a public hearing approval by the planning commission, city council, or board of supervisors. Provided your property is in an area where commercial cannabis operations are allowed, we can help prepare your application, including site plans and other supporting documents , and represent your project throughout the approval process.

Building Approvals

Marijuana businesses often need to build or improve facilities to operate, which will likely require one or more permits from the local building department. These permits are also required for approvals from other departments. Whether you need ground-up planning and management assistance, or are working with a contractor, architect, or engineer, we can help ensure your project obtains the necessary building permits.

Public Works Approvals

Permits and other approvals from public works or similar local departments are typically needed if your project involves land development. Some of the most common approvals are for grading and drainage activities, bridges and culverts, public roadways, and parking lots. Our consultants can help you plan and design your project to obtain the approvals you need and maximize your business potential

Environmental Approvals

Environmental approvals are most commonly needed as part of land development. State law requires local governments to review your project and make sure any environmental impacts are either avoided or mitigated. Additionally, one or more state agency approvals (i.e. Department of Fish and Wildlife, Water Board) may be needed for this review. Our consultants are expert at providing these services to businesses engaged in land development and can assist you with your project.

Operator Approvals

Many jurisdictions require a separate operator permit or business license issued to the entity conducting business. Like an alcoholic beverage license, operators are required to submit information about themselves, such as:

  • The entity applying for the permit or license,
  • Disclosure of ownership percentages,
  • Criminal background checks,
  • Operation plans,
  • Security plans,
  • Resource efficiency plans,
  • Transportation plans,
  • Odor control plans,
  • Cash handling plans,
  • Community relations plans, and
  • Other pertinent information about their business.

Our consultant team can help you communicate with public agency staff, prepare your application package, and obtain the approvals you need quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today to find out more.

Who we help

BeGreenLegal draws its expertise from both outside and inside the cannabis industry. Outside, our consultants have extensive experience in land and environmental planning for residential, commercial, industrial, and energy-related development projects. Inside, we have experience in assisting a variety of medical marijuana businesses plan their operations and obtain local/environmental permits in anticipation of applying for state licenses. We have also operated our own medical cannabis business, involving cultivation, distribution, and dispensary management, for more than six years. When you are ready, we can provide the inertia to take your business to the next level.

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