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Our consultants have extensive experience in preparing plans and application packages for city and county approvals, environmental permits, and state licenses. Whatever stage you are at with your business, take advantage of the free content we provide through our blogs, or call us for an initial consultation.

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Environmental Permits

Projects involving land development often require one or more environmental permits or similar approvals as a condition. Common approvals include Water Board discharge permits, biological/cultural assessments, wetland permits, stream alteration agreements, and many others. If your project includes a land development component, our consultant team can assist you in obtaining the environmental permits you need to start operating as quickly as possible. Give us a call today to discuss your project.

Water Board Discharge and Diversion Permits

Water resources are highly regulated in California and cannabis businesses interested in conducting activities that could impact wetlands, streams, and other water bodies are required to obtain a discharge permit from the Water Board. Depending on the project, the application submittal may also require preparation of biological/cultural assessments and a management plan. Projects that use diverted surface water or pumped groundwater from a known subterranean stream are required to notify the Division of Water Rights to stay in compliance. Give us a call if your project requires one or more Water Board approvals.

Wetland Permits and Stream or Lake Alteration Agreements

Land development is often comprised of actions that impact wetlands, streams, ponds, or lakes in some way. If an impact is anticipated, notification must be submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the California Water Board for approval. An additional approval may be needed from the California Department of Fish & Wildlife if the project crosses or impacts the bank of a lake or stream. If your project is expected to impact these features, give us a call to learn how to obtain the permits you need and avoid notices of violation or penalties.

Biological/Cultural Assessments and Authorizations

Biological and cultural resources are protected under state and federal law. Projects involving any sort of land development are typically required to conduct assessments that determine what resources may potentially be impacted. If a plant or animal species is listed as threatened or endangered, a take permit must be issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, or the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Mitigation for impacts are expensive and penalties for not receiving a permit are severe. Similarly, if cultural resources, such as prehistoric or Native American artifacts and historically significant structures, are located on your property, avoidance or mitigation planning may be necessary to ensure compliance. Let us know if you need assistance with an assessment or approval.

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BeGreenLegal draws its expertise from both outside and inside the cannabis industry. Outside, our consultants have extensive experience in land and environmental planning for residential, commercial, industrial, and energy-related development projects. Inside, we have experience in assisting a variety of medical marijuana businesses plan their operations and obtain local/environmental permits in anticipation of applying for state licenses. We have also operated our own medical cannabis business, involving cultivation, distribution, and dispensary management, for more than six years. When you are ready, we can provide the inertia to take your business to the next level.

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